TRM boys notch two more wins

Published 2:05 pm Monday, March 20, 2006

By By BRUCE HIXON – Sports Editor
T.R. Miller's boys posted their third victory in four tries and the Lady Tigers also broke into the win column for the first time this season Thursday with their respective victories over visiting W.S. Neal.
The Lady Tigers notched a 6-2 triumph, although W.S. Neal captured the two most exciting matches of the day. No. 2 singles Maggie Crutchfield won a marathon 9-8 (15-13) triumph over Grace Miller, while No. 5 Christina Beckwith also needed a tiebreaker to get past Nikki Chambers 9-8 (7-5).
Catherine Stokes, Kara Smith and Michelle Lewis each contributed two victories for T.R. Miller.
T.R. Miller's boys beat W.S. Neal 7-0. The Blue Eagles won two or fewer games in six of the seven matches.
Hayes Martin, Matt Jordan and Mitchell McMillan all won twice to lead the Tigers.
girls. We played pretty well,” T.R. Miller coach Paul Smith said.
W.S. Neal was supposed to play at T.R. Miller again this Thursday, but the match has been bumped up two days to Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.
T.R. Miller's boys also swept every match Tuesday in their 3-0 win at Opp. It was the Tigers second win of the season over Opp.
Karl Kast was a double winner to lead T.R. Miller. Opp only had two players, which limited play to three matches.
The Lady Tigers dropped their second match of the season to Opp 8-1. It was the same score as the first encounter between the teams.
The lone victory for T.R. Miller was the number one doubles team of Grace Miller and Stokes.
T.R. Miller vs. Opp
1. Molly Gooden (O) def. Catherine Stokes (TRM) 8-6
2. Jana Prescott (O) def. Grace Miller (TRM) 8-4
3. Ashley Hall (O) def. Kara Smith (TRM) 8-3
4. Chelsey Jones (O) def. Michelle Lewis (TRM) 8-4
5. Abby Smith (O) def. Nikki Chambers (TRM) 8-3
6. Meredith Brogden (O) def. Magan Oliver (TRM) 8-1
1. Stokes and Miler (TRM) def. Prescott and Smith (O) 8-3
2. Gooden and As. Hall (O) def. Smith and Lewis (TRM) 8-2
3. Jones and Alana Hall (O) def. Chambers and Reontae Powell (TRM) 8-2
1. Karl Kast (TRM) Neiko Lane (O) 8-5
2. Brian Oliver (TRM) def. Jonathan Oakley (O) 8-3
1. Kast and Drew Lambert (TRM) def. Lane and Oakley (O) 8-3
T.R. Miller vs. W.S. Neal
1. Catherine Stokes (TRM) def. Tawnya Henry (WSN) 8-2
2. Maggie Crutchfield (WSN) def. Grace Miller (TRM) 9-8 (15-13)
3. Kara Smith (TRM) def. Jessica Madsen (WSN) 8-1
4. Michelle Lewis (TRM) def. Sarah Kent (WSN) 8-1
5. Christina Beckwith (WSN) def. Nikki Chambers (TRM) 9-8 (7-5)
6. Reontae Powell (TRM) def. Casey Minchew (WSN) 8-2
1. Stokes and Miller (TRM) def. Henry and Crutchfield (WSN) 8-4
2. Smith and Lewis (TRM) def. Madsen and Beckwith (WSN) 8-2
1. Hayes Martin (TRM) def. Joe Bailey (WSN) 8-0
2. Stephen Neal (TRM) def. Nathan Lindsey (WSN) 8-1
3. Mitchell McMillan (TRM) def. Michael Boyd (WSN) 8-2
4. Matt Jordan (TRM) def. B.J. McMillan (WSN) 8-2
5. Marshall Bracken (TRM) def. Justin Rose (WSN) 8-0
1. Martin and Jordan (TRM) def. Bailey and Lindsey (WSN) 8-2
2. Karl Kast and McMillan (TRM) def. Boyd and McMillan (WSN) 8-4

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