Letter to the Editor

Published 3:30 pm Wednesday, March 29, 2006

By Staff
Student seeks Brewton information
My name is Brianna Hall. In my fifth grade class we are doing a state research project, and I will be doing my project on Alabama.
The project is due at the end of May, and it will cover such topics as famous people from Brewton and Alabama, your special state traditions and the history of Brewton and Alabama.
I am hoping that some of the members in the community would write to me about their experiences and traditions in Brewton. I would enjoy it if you would share your favorite recipes with me.
I live in Southern California, and I am sure many things about Brewton are very different from where I live.
Also, if anyone finds time to reply, it would be great if you could enclose a copy of my letter.
Thank you so much

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