As elections near, remember to register and vote

Published 3:56 pm Monday, April 3, 2006

By Staff
With Democratic qualifying closed in Escambia County and the Republican qualifying deadline approaching this week, candidates are set to begin their campaigns in earnest.
And now voters have an opportunity to begin learning about those candidates.
With a slew of county and state offices on the ballot this year, voters will have a lot of information about issues - not to mention personalities - through which to sift.
And it's important to remember how important it is to cast our votes for these offices, from governor on down to school board members.
Granted, only a few county races - including the sheriff's race - may be contested this year, but those candidates deserve our attention and interest in the primary and in the election.
If you're not registered to vote, you can do so up to 10 days before any election. Party primaries this year will be June 6, with the general election Nov. 7.
State officials have even made it easier to register to vote by providing several locations to do so. You can register at any of the following: