Many choices, too much time

Published 3:55 pm Monday, April 3, 2006

By Staff
Life for me has become a little overwhelming.
I became engaged in February, and will be getting married in a year. Everyone keeps telling me I have plenty of time to plan, but I like to plan ahead - way ahead.
I've always had thoughts on what I want for my wedding. I think it's only normal that most girls have a basic idea of what their special day will be like.
But my ideas change so much. I think my mother would call my ever changing ideas flippant.
I never realized there were so many choices to choose from. Wedding dresses, types of flowers, colors of bridesmaids dresses, types of bridesmaids dresses, how many people to ask to be part of the bridal party, what kind of music, photographers, music and the list goes on.
My biggest choice to make is the wedding dress. My problem is I'm not really big into wedding dresses. I'm girlie but not in a bouffant way, and I'm not a cling to my skin via silk type either.
My favorite color is black. When you look in my closet there's nothing but black - until my mother told me several years ago that she wouldn't buy me any more black clothing, so now I've got a splash of color - so for the most part I've got mainly black.
Nowhere in my closet will you find white. I believe I have one pair of white pants that I wear occassionally, and white shoes are not my forte.
So, when I suggested to my mother I wouldn't mind wearing a black wedding dress and my bridesmaids wear white, she once again used her motto: &#8220I will not buy you anything black again,” and then she added, &#8220and this is not a Goth wedding.”
So, I've decided on the middle man - if you can call it that - an ivory dress.
I guess the only thing I can show my ecclectic side by choosing unique types and colors of my flowers, or going with a non-traditional ivory or white wedding invitation - add a splash of color.
I hate making decisions. At least not the kind that have so many choices to choose among.
I wish I could go back to the good ‘ole days when my mother made all my choices.
Like when she used to pack my lunch bag for school, or when I was in elementary school, she would fix my hair and choose what bow would go in my hair.
She always seemed to make the right decision and have no qualms about making it.
I just hope by the time the big day rolls around, I will have made all the right decisions, just like she used to.
Mary-Allison Lancaster is the Managing editor of the Brewton Standard. She can be reached by e-mail at

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