Spring for a new look

Published 3:43 pm Monday, April 3, 2006

By Staff
Staff reports
Forget about spring-cleaning - leave that to the men. Springtime for women means new makeup, and the only thing that needs cleaning are makeup brushes.
There's nothing like stepping into a cosmetics store and buying a new line of makeup for a fresh new look. But before you buy the new goodies, don't forget the essentials that make a face look young a fresh.
Diane Rowell at Merle Norman Cosmetics said the most important part of a beauty regiment is cleansing the face. She suggests teens, starting as young as 13, and women begin with a good wash, a moisturizer and a toner.
Several cleansers, moisturizers and toners are available for all skin types. The first step to keeping a clean face is to wash with a foam cleanser. Rowell suggests placing the cleanser on a soft synthetic brush, which is available at the cosmetics store. It really cleans deep in the pores, she said.
Do not rub the face dry; rather pat it with a towel.
The next step is to use a toner, which is to be used day and night. Rowell advises women and men to never use a cotton ball because it tends to soak up the toner. Instead, use a fluff pad or a sponge. But, remember to clean the sponge every time it's used, she said.
Jessica Sheldon, a junior at T.R. Miller High School was getting her first makeover on Thursday. She had just washed her face with the foam cleanser and was on the second step.
What most people don't know is washing the face with a cleanser just cleans the surface. The toner goes one step further, Rowell said.
Finally, use a moisturizer on the face and lips to lock in moisture. Moisture allows the makeup to spread evenly and stay on longer.
Merle Norman Cosmetics line has a variety of moisturizers that are good for people who have continuous breakouts, Rowell said. She said she has several men and young boys who use the facial moisturizers, such as Miracol, which is to be used three times a week.
For girls and boys with changing skin, Rowell suggests they come in once a month for a steam cleanser that is free of charge.
Rowell said that for older men and women, they should follow the full regiment - wash, toner, energizer, fine line minimizer, changing skin treatment, wrinkle smoother (works on frown and grin lines), day moisturizer, firm and neck chest creamer and a night cream, which helps restore skin while sleeping.
Many might take a look at the regiment and say they don't have enough time. But Rowell said it's something that can be easily done in no time flat.
Springtime is also time for Prom. Many girls will be getting ready for prom for their first time this April, while others have already gone through the ritual of finding the right dress, shoes, hairstyle and makeup.
Merle Norman is running a special where boys who purchase their tuxedoes from the cosmetics store earn their dates 40 percent off a makeover. Excluding special occasions, makeovers are free.
Rowell has some great tips for girls who will be applying makeup themselves.