Habitat families can't wait for new homes

Published 4:41 pm Monday, April 10, 2006

Anne Walton already has the tiled picked out - and she's taken a class to learn how to install it.
And in just one month, she will be able to lay it herself in a new house she'll help Habitat for Humanity build for her family.
Walton and her three grandchildren, along with Tinita McFugerson and her two children, met with Brewton Habitat board members Thursday evening.
While the children labeled 111 donated hammers, Walton and McFugerson got to know better the volunteers who will help make their dreams come true.
The families also had the chance to see a slide show from Habitat volunteers' recent trip to Lynchburg, Va., where they and chapter volunteers there framed one of the houses that will be built in Brewton.
The families watched in amazement as the photos showed how quickly the house was built.
The Lynchburg volunteers will travel to Brewton in May to help finish the house - which was transported to Brewton and is being stored courtesy of Ed Brown and Highway Transport. The four-day blitz will also include the building of the second house.
Sixteen-year-old Tiffany Walton can't wait to have her own room.
Both families will put their own &#8220sweat equity” into the houses - a Habitat requirement.
And both families said they are up to the task, as evidenced by the children's quick work labeling the hammers Thursday night. And both are ready to decorate and move into their new homes. &#8220I'm thinking about a lot of stuff,” said McFugerson, who lives with her mother right now. &#8220We have a lot of decisions to make.”
Anyone interested in volunteering May 6-9 can call 867-0095 or 867-0272 or e-mail habitat@fumcbrewton.org. Volunteers must be 16 or older to work on the site.