Cook's Corner: Dishes for Easter dress the table

Published 5:01 pm Tuesday, April 11, 2006

By By Lisa Tindell
I began sharing recipes and ideas concerning your Easter meal last week. As promised, I will continue that same process this week.
If you have already decided what the main dish will be on your table Sunday, then you may have some ideas on what to serve on the side. But, if you're like me (I will have ham as the main dish), you may still be wondering what will taste good along side your &#8220centerpiece.” I hope I can help alleviate that problem today.
What Easter dinner would be complete without a carrot on the table? This may be one of the few times you can get the kids to eat a cooked carrot. Mine will munch on raw ones if there is plenty of dip for them, but getting him to eat a cooked carrot is nearly impossible. Forget that someone once told me that his skin had an orange glow when he was about a year old. He ate so many carrots (he loved them) that it showed in his skin.
If my luck holds out this Easter, I can get him to try this recipe because that's what the Easter Bunny would want. Hopefully, because of the cheese, he'll like it and not think that eating cooked carrots is &#8220gross, Mom”. It may sound a little complicated, but it's really an easy dish to prepare.
Carrots Au Gratin
4 and one-half cups sliced carrots
Two-thirds cup crushed buttery round crackers
3 tbsp. margarine, melted
One-half cup chopped onion
3 tbsp. all-purpose flour
1 and one-half cups milk
Two-thirds cup shredded processed cheese
Salt and pepper to taste.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place carrots in a steamer over 1 inch of boiling water, and cover. Cook until tender but still firm, about 6-10 minutes. Drain. Meanwhile, in a small bowl combine crushed crackers with 1 tablespoon melted margarine. Mix well and set aside. In a medium skillet over low heat, heat the remaining 2 tablespoons of margarine and saut