Forgotten Trails

Published 7:19 pm Wednesday, April 26, 2006

By By Lydia Grimes
Tombstones showcase art
This week I want to start a series of articles about local cemeteries. Now some of you may think this is a morbid subject, but consider this; you too, will wind up there. I thought you might be interested in some of the things you find there.
I want to start out with some of the most unusual tombstones I have ever seen. Catawba Springs Cemetery has several stones that have the very intricate carvings on them. I don't have any idea who did the carving, but it took some amount of talent. Catawba Springs is the only place that I know that has these carvings. If anyone can enlighten me, I would appreciate it.
I plan on getting some of the better epitaphs that are on some of the stones around here. I have waited all through the winter to start this series and if I don't do it now, the weather is going to be unbearably hot. If you know of any unusual stones, let me know.
Now I want to tell you that I have had a good response to running more photographs. It seems that most of you agree with me that pictures tell it better than words can ever do.
One photograph that I ran recently was one that was reportedly the T.R. Miller Class of 1938. I have heard from Alex Luttrell, who lives in Madison, but is from Brewton. He is very interested in history and sent me the names of those in the class of 1938. It would appear that the photo is actually the class of 1939. He sent along a list naming the members, and I will include them. I have also had a letter from Mr. Jones on Sowell Road and he identified several of the class members, which would also indicate the class of 1939. If you can add anything, let me know.
The class included David Allen, Troy B. Brannan Jr.,William E. (Bill) Brooks Jr., John David Enfinger, Foy Gatlin, Glenn Gillis, Goffrey Hawsey, Marvin Kelly, Fred McCaro Key, Fred Scott Larkins, D. P. Liles Jr., Bobby McCall, Lester Martin, Charles Owens, Herbert Russell, George Elston Strong, Maclyn Weaver, Betty Paul Beavers, Catherine Caffey (later Mrs. Wes Gardner), Dorothy Fitzgerald, Jean Gillis, Manelle Holman, Eddie Rea Hubbard (later Mrs. Paul Owens), Mary Helen Hubbard, Dorothy Ann Jernigan (later Mrs. Tom Conover), Wilma Jernigan, Odelle Jordan, Maye McCall (later Mrs. ? Gilliam), Navalou Martin, Edna Sims, Eunice Sims, Mildred Skinner and Lucille Temple
Lesa Kirk was their home room teacher and H. L. Swick was the superintendent.

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