Residents gather on Earth Day to keep Brewton clean

Published 7:36 pm Wednesday, April 26, 2006

By Staff
It's not over yet.
While an Earth Day cleanup in Brewton was successful Saturday, we can't get complacent about litter.
Keeping our community clean is an ongoing project, and our litter problem won't improve until keeping things clean becomes a habit.
Brewton Quality of Life Committee member Molly Ruzic has hit upon a great campaign already under way in other places: The Litter One program urges everyone to pick up just one piece of trash that's not on their property.
Imagine if each of us made that a habit every day, or even every week?
We aren't ever going to stop the dirty people who don't care about where they leave their trash, but we can make our own changes - and pick up after them.
Once we get over the frustration of having to pick up someone else's trash, we can get on with making our community a better place, every day.
If more and more of us make cleanliness and picking up litter a habit, we won't need to use Earth Day to pick up trash - we can use it to plant flowers and trees, which is just what Quality of Life Committee members hope is possible in coming years.
Thanks to all who organized the Earth Day cleanup, and thanks to all who showed up to help out.
We just have to remember to make every day Earth Day from now on to keep up the momentum.

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