Sales tax holiday gift to residents

Published 9:02 pm Monday, May 8, 2006

By Staff
Get your credit cards ready. The city of Brewton has joined the state of Alabama in proclaiming a sales tax holiday for the first weekend in August that will give consumers a break as they shop for back-to-school and other items.
The sales tax holiday, passed by the Legislature this year, will waive state sales tax for the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each August. The city's measure does the same for local sales taxes in city limits, and Escambia County commissioners are expected to look at a similar measure soon.
The holiday applies to clothing costs up to $100 per item; computers, software and computer supplies costing up to $750 per item; school supplies and textbooks up to $50 per item; and other books up to $30 each.
At a time when consumers are hit hard with high gas prices, the sales tax holiday is a nice gift from state and local leaders - not to mention the local merchants who will also benefit.
Kudos to the city for joining the effort.

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