Habitat project shows how much community cares

Published 9:31 pm Wednesday, May 10, 2006

By Staff
What started out as two slabs of concrete Saturday morning became two new houses in a matter of days this week.
Habitat for Humanity volunteers from Brewton and across the country helped create new homes for two Brewton families.
And in the process, they reminded all of us of the true nature of community.
Working all day, in the hot sun and in the rain, the volunteers poured their time and talents into the building process.
Even those without any experience at all found they were able to swing a hammer or measure siding.
The Habitat building blitz was so successful that volunteers were looking for more projects before their time was up - and they were able to do some renovations and re-roofing on three other houses in Brewton.
The Habitat project - one of many building blitzes that has happened across the country - is proof that we can tackle anything, if we just take it one task at a time and we share the load.
What happened in Brewton over the past few days would have taken the usual local Habitat team eight or nine months to complete - and that's just for work on one house.
But by mobilizing their efforts and keeping their enthusiasm high, the volunteers were able to get the job done in record time.
Our community is never one to sit on the sidelines, but even this project has shown us that we can go over further than we imagined - and we can create, as one volunteer said, a miracle.

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