Volunteers branch out to new projects

Published 9:20 pm Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A half-day ahead of schedule by Day 2, Habitat for Humanity volunteers from Brewton and across the country needed a new project.
Or three.
With their work on two new houses in a Habitat building blitz well under way, they branched out Monday, reroofing the house next door to the site on Conoley Avenue.
And by Tuesday, they had expanded their work to two more houses that needed some refurbishing.
One of the houses the group worked on Tuesday badly needed a new roof. Owned by a single mother with two children, the house was hit hard by Hurricane Ivan - and hit again by Dennis.
A crew of mostly women - helped by a few men - worked on the house Tuesday.
Veteran Habitat for Humanity volunteers from Lynchburg, Va., and Hagerstown, Md., along with workers from across the country and Brewton worked from Saturday to Tuesday on a building blitz on Conoley Avenue.