The Beauty of Tombstones

Published 9:43 pm Monday, May 15, 2006

By By Lydia Grimes
Group takes on upkeep of Union Cemetery
Visiting a cemetery is usually a sad occasion and no one notices the beauty that can be found.
Tombstones are always interesting and informative and sometimes are very beautiful.
Union Cemetery is considered to be the city cemetery for Brewton and it is well looked after by a dedicated group of individuals. The Brewton Tree and Beautification group is responsible for the upkeep of the cemetery and Dr. Bob Hayes has taken it on as his personal project.
Tombstones have changed over the years. Today they carry the name, birth date and death date. Once in a while there will be one with some interesting writing.
Those who have not conducted a study on these things may not realize that there is a lot of symbolism in what is carved into a headstone.
They are usually there for a reason. And did you know that there are cemeteries dedicated to pets?
There is a cemetery in northern Alabama where a man is buried, and a full-size statue of him erected in his memory.
His wife liked the statue so much that she had one carved of herself and placed next to her husband's grave where she would be buried someday.
The story goes that she visited her husband's grave and would sit on a bench nearby to talk to him.
One day a couple of children came by and heard her talking and thought it was the statue. Needless to say, they ran away in fright.
There are many stories about cemeteries. Ghost stories abound about many of them, but the truth is, they are quiet and often beautiful where loved ones are remembered.

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