Seeing double? Twins to graduate

Published 11:06 pm Wednesday, May 24, 2006

By By LYDIA GRIMES – Features writer
W.S. Neal High School is graduating students two at the time in some families.
At the graduating ceremonies planned for May 26, 2006, there will be four sets of twins who will receive their diplomas. Joseph and Josh Bailey, Ronald and Rohin Travis, Joey and Ginny Allen and Jamie and Jeremy Green will make their parents doubly proud as they walk across the stage.
It is not unusual to find a few sets of twins scattered about in a school, but having this many in one grade is quite unusual.
The students all seem to be happy about the fact they have a sibling who is sharing the senior experience.
All the others agreed that it is more of a blessing than a curse to be a twin. The Bailey parents and the Green parents enjoy their twins so much, they have adopted an additional set. The Greens have identical twin daughters.
When they were small, the students all said they were dressed alike. Ginny and Joey remembers being dressed alike on one occasion.
Ronald Travis and his brother, Rohin, have always been very close.
When asked, the twins all deny playing any tricks during their childhood. Of course, none of them are identical twins so they were never able to swap places with each other.
His brother, Jeremy, said that it was usually his papers that they used.
The students seem to be well adjusted and have excelled in school and in the community. Joseph Bailey works at the YMCA and Josh works at Magnolia Super Foods. Joseph plans to attend Jefferson Davis Community College (JDCC) and then go to Auburn University to major in architectural design. Josh plans to attend JDCC and study computer technology.
Jeremy Green is not sure about his future plans but does intend to stay close to home. His brother Jamie plans to go to work.
Ronald Travis is planning on attending the University of Alabama but his brother, Rohin, is thinking about going to Faulkner State Community College.
Joey Allen wants to attend Ed Reid Technical School in Evergreen while his sister, Ginny, is planning to attend Montevallo.
At Class Night on Thursday, May 18, the twins received awards and scholarships. Joseph Bailey won a JDCC renewal scholarship in design and drafting while Josh Bailey won a JDCC scholarship in art.
Joey Allen won a scholarship to Ed Reid Technical School and Ginny was listed as number nine in the class. Ronald Travis was chosen to receive the good citizenship award.
All of the students say there is nothing to the often talked about &#8220ESP” between twins and they are willing to share almost everything with their twin, but there is one exception. All of them are very clear on one thing. Each one needs his (or her) own vehicle. That is something they are not ready to share with even their closest sibling.