School district's recognition helps entire county

Published 11:41 pm Sunday, May 28, 2006

By Staff
Parents, teachers and students at Escambia County Schools have always known they have something special.
Now readers of a regional magazine highlighting economic development know it, too.
The school district was recognized this month as one of the top 10 rural school districts in the South by Southern Business and Development magazine.
The distinction is not only an honor for the school district, which was recognized for many of its achievements including the Turtle Point Environment Science Center, but also is a feather in the cap for the county's efforts to attract businesses.
The magazine is a publication that provides information to businesses that are considering expansion or relocation to the South.
As economic development officials in our county look to attract new industries, one of the most important things those new businesses are looking for are good schools.
The distinction Escambia County Schools have received is an honor not just for the teachers and students who have worked so hard but also for the entire county that could reap the benefits from the recognition.