Voters have right, responsibility to show up at polls

Published 12:30 am Monday, June 5, 2006

By Staff
Voters have the chance to go to the polls Tuesday to choose the Democratic and Republican nominees for a slew of statewide offices - not to mention the next sheriff for Escambia County.
As voters, we have a right and a responsibility to show up to the polls - and we have 12 hours in which to do it. That's plenty of time to take a few minutes out of your day to stop by your polling place and vote.
With only one contested county race on the ballot, the chances are high that the voter turnout will be low.
But the office of sheriff is one of the most important in our county, and we hope that all county residents will give thoughful consideration to both candidates.
As for statewide races, it's likely that American Idol Taylor Hicks has gotten more press than all of the candidates combined in recent weeks. But those candidates also deserve careful consideration - and our attention when it comes time to vote on Tuesday.
It's your right and responsibility - get out and vote.

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