Springhill area residents still working to clean up

Published 12:51 am Wednesday, June 7, 2006

By Staff
Staff reports
Members of the Springhill community are still feverishly working to clean up their community.
At a recent community meeting, members gathered at the East Brewton City hall to discuss the ongoing efforts to alleviate trash, drug trafficking and other issues pertinent to the community.
In July 2005, several members voiced concerns at a county commission meeting about the drug trafficking problem.
They wanted commissioners to help them out in any way they could.
In response, several commissioners, the sheriff and local law enforcement joined community members at a meeting held inside the Second St. John Baptist Church.
At that meeting, Shaun Jones, a deputy, stepped up to the plate and agreed to volunteer his time in exchange for the comp time.
Since then, it was established last week East Brewton Police Chief B.C. Cooper would continue to drive through the area, stopping suspicious vehicles, and provide tag numbers and other information to the Drug Task Force for additional action, if needed.
Community members came to a consensus to continue bi-weekly neighborhood clean-ups, which have been consisting of cutting grass and bushes back and removing trash from roadways and yards.
County commissioners also agreed to support the beautification effort by providing a bush hog and trash dumpster. In addition, assistance in clearing of bush growth from roads will be provided and stripes will be placed in roadways where required.
The commission has also agreed to place on the November 2006 general election ballot new that would allow the county to enforce littering, junk yards and abandoned houses in all neighborhoods.
A neighborhood watch, which disbanded over the years, will be implemented once again. The community will organize community support and watch groups and have direct involvement with the Drug Task Force on this matter. The county commissioner will support this effort by placing neighborhood watch, children at play and lower speed limit signs throughout the community.

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