Raise on tap for jail workers?

Published 1:26 am Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Corrections officers would receive a pay raise under a request by Sheriff Grover Smith.
Smith, who was re-elected earlier this month, asked county commissioners Monday to increase the pay scale for corrections officers.
Smith said the pay scale change is necessary to &#8220acquire and attain good people.”
Commissioners held an afternoon meeting Tuesday to discuss the pay scale change.
The biggest concern discussed was with the U.S. Marshal's office, which needed confirmation the county jail would continue to house federal inmates since the federal inmate housing revenues will be utilized to fund the pay scale changes.
County Administrator Tony Sanks said a recommendation would be determined at the next county meeting set for June 26.
In his campaign, Smith said he hoped to work with the commission to boost pay for corrections officers and other employees so that the sheriff's department can attract the best qualified workers.
In other business, commissioners decided: