Celebrate safely

Published 3:47 am Monday, July 3, 2006

By By LISA TINDELL – News reporter
Fireworks are synonymous with the Fourth of July and New Year's celebrations - but there are a few things to remember if you plan to discharge fireworks at home this holiday.
Brewton and East Brewton have laws governing fireworks sales and use.
A similar code is in the law books for the City of Brewton.
It is only legal to purchase fireworks from established sellers. Sales from tents or motor vehicles are prohibited in Alabama.
And if you are under 16 years old, plan to take an adult with you when you make your purchases.
Lodge also urged those who plan to have private fireworks displays take extra care when having an evening of fun.
Safety concerns as well as the legalities of fireworks should be the major concerns surrounding the discharging of fireworks.
According to data collected during last year's Independence Day weekend, more than half the fireworks-related injuries that require emergency treatment could have been prevented with an inexpensive set of goggles.
According to information gained from the data, state emergency rooms reported 35 fireworks-related injuries with 28 of those injuries reported among children under the age of 16.
Monroe urged parents to follow safety rules to the letter and to make sure anyone handling fireworks wears safety glasses or goggles.
Good safety tips to follow concerning the use of fireworks are: