Family bicycles into area

Published 4:27 am Monday, July 10, 2006

By By LYDIA GRIMES – Features writer
The East Brewton Police Department played host Wednesday to a family of cross-country cyclists from Illinois.
Myron and Barbara Oesch and their three children were welcomed at East Brewton City Hall and invited to camp behind the police department.
Myron and Barbara have been riding bicycles ever since they married in 1980. In fact, they spent their honeymoon cycling from Illinois to the Grand Canyon. It took them 68 days to travel the 4,200 miles.
In 1981 they went on a New England ride that took them three months. Their longest trip was made in 1984 when they rode their bicycles from California to Alaska, covering some 7,000 miles in four months.
Both graduated from Illinois State University, with Myron going on to receive his master's degree from Eastern Illinois. He is now a teacher.
The couple's love of riding bicycles did not stop when their children came along. The kids were just packed up and pulled behind their father in a small trailer.
Erin, the oldest, is 17, and her sister Claren is 14. They have a younger brother, Breton, who is 11.
The kids, unlike most of the youngsters these days, said they really enjoy the traveling. Even with the bumps, bruises and scrapes, they are still ready for the next adventure.
Barbara said Myron is the visionary in the family.
The family seems to enjoy being with each other. The children said they are learning much more about their country than they would ever learn in a classroom.
One thing that has surprised them on this trip is the friendly people they have meet.
They have met many different people on this trip, and Barbara said Piggly Wiggly stores have been good to them.

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