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Published 6:02 am Wednesday, July 19, 2006

By Staff
Wishing for storms, not hurricanes, tops most lists
As the summer drought continues across south Alabama, we find ourselves - almost - wishing for a hurricane.
But we know to be careful what we wish for, so instead we'll hope for a few more good, steady rains to help salvage what has been a very dry season for farmers.
Many farmers in our area irrigate their crops, but nothing is a substitute for a good, strong rain.
Even the average gardener is having a hard time keeping the grass green and the flowers blooming.
Locally, water officials have not asked for any special conservation measures - but that's because they always ask us to be judicious in our water use.
And fire and forestry officials continue to urge caution with outdoor burning, since it could quickly get out of hand in the dry weather.
We don't want a devastating hurricane - but we could sure use a few good storms.

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