Smoke ban plans

Published 6:46 am Wednesday, July 26, 2006

By By Kerry Whipple Bean – publisher
Non-smoking activists have lobbied Brewton leaders for a year and a half to impose a ban on smoking in all local restaurants.
Now a committee investigating the idea has proposed somewhat of a compromise.
Brewton City Council members will consider a ban on smoking in eateries that allow patrons under age 19, Councilwoman Ann Marie Sasser said Tuesday.
Under the proposed ordinance, food and beverage establishments would have to choose to be identified as a non-smoking facility or as a smoking facility with a minimum age restricted to the age of majority for purchasing and smoking cigarettes in Alabama - age 19. There would be no separate seating for non-smoking patrons.
Sasser said she hopes restaurants that typically serve younger patrons will choose to be non-smoking facilities.
Proprietors would be responsible for posting signs at every entrance stating &#8220This is a no-smoking facility. Smoking not permitted inside or within 25 feet of the entrance.”
Proprietors that choose to permit smoking would have to post signs at every entrance stating &#8220Smoking facility. 18 and younger not admitted.”
The police department would be responsible for responding to violations of the ordinance by writing citations for noncompliance by either proprietors of or patrons of a facility where smoking is restricted or prohibited.
Penalties for proprietors who violate the ordinance or allow employees or patrons to violate the ordinance would be as follows:

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