Nutrition center a chance for fellowship

Published 7:57 am Monday, August 7, 2006

By By Lisa Tindell – news writer
Webster's dictionary gives many meanings for the word family. One of those definitions is &#8220any class or group of like or related things.”
Family is exactly what you'll find at the Brewton Nutrition Center. The center is currently housed in the St. Maurice Catholic Church on Jackson Street. The &#8220family” of about 20 people gathers every Monday through Friday beginning at about 9 a.m., said site director Wendy Cooper.
The meal served each day is just one part of the offerings for those who gather, Cooper said.
Several activities are planned on a regular basis. Field trips, picnics and other outings occur throughout the year, Cooper said.
Cooper said that the help of agencies and groups from around the area is priceless.
Not only does the Center serve about 20 people each day, the group also provides what is known locally as Meals on Wheels. This service is provided to 25 homebound residents on an on-going basis.
Cooper said workers who deliver those meals do so much more than hand out food.
Cooper is especially receptive to the needs of those people who are served at the center and in the homebound program.
Cooper said that the program also gives relatives of participants a certain peace of mind.
The program is capable of serving up to 35 each day at the center Cooper said.
Cooper said that the center's homebound program is currently at capacity with those wishing to receive that service being put on a waiting list.
Cooper said that she couldn't manage the program without the help of her workers.

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