Living the dream life

Published 8:15 am Wednesday, August 9, 2006

By By Lisa Tindell – News writer
The name &#8220Spike” was one Robert T. Maxwell had before he was even born. It's a name that has become synonymous with good business and a great person.
Maxwell said the name has been good for him because it is eye-catching on billboards and such that he uses to advertise his business as an insurance agent.
The State Farm insurance agency Maxwell owns came as a result of an opportunity that presented itself to him back in 1983.
Maxwell's family moved to the Brewton area in 1957 when his father came to town to help open the paper mill.
While attending school at T.R. Miller, Maxwell tried his hand a many different things including football and baseball, but found his niche in the band.
Band would serve him well, as it turns out. His musical abilities were well proven as he played trumpet, French horn and baritone in the band. The education in music he received would find itself translated into a great stint in a homegrown rock band.
The group was made up of Bubba Bracken, Johnny Byrd, Shon Scott, Freddie Boyce and Maxwell.
Maxwell said while the group played a lot of rock and roll and soul, the rhythm and blues selections they played were the ones he liked best.
The band was known around the area during 1966 to 1968. Although the group did not make any professional recordings, Maxwell said there are a few tapes and compact discs floating around the area.
The band was just one of the high points in Maxwell's life. He was with the group following graduation from high school and all through his time at Jefferson Davis Junior College.
Maxwell himself was among those who would have been on the commuting list. He found himself registered for classes at the University of South Alabama in Mobile.
Earning a master's degree wasn't necessarily the best thing that happened to Maxwell while attending classes at USA.
After marrying, Maxwell came back to Brewton in 1973 when he was offered a teaching position at T.R. Miller High School. He taught at the high school until taking a position at the middle school in 1976, where he remained until he began the agency he now owns.
Leaving the teaching profession did not leave Maxwell with any regrets. His years teaching gave him great experiences and helped him to learn a lot about children and their parents, he said.
Having been raised in a Christian home, Maxwell counts himself lucky.
I was raised by Christian parents in a Christian home,” Maxwell said. &#8220I feel like I'm one of the lucky ones and wouldn't trade it for anything.”
Maxwell's work in the church has been extensive over the years. He grew up as a part of the First Baptist Church. He is now an active member at the First United Methodist Church. He has served in many capacities in the church and continues to be active in the fellowship.
Maxwell has taught Sunday school and served on the Church Council of Ministries.
Not only is Maxwell active in his roles at the church, he likes to spread himself around in community work as well.
Maxwell says he likes to share his money and time with the schools in the area. He feels that it is beneficial for all when he helps out.
Maxwell says he has a dream job and couldn't imagine much that would be better in his life.