Man held in assault

Published 8:43 am Sunday, August 13, 2006

David Adams knows Brewton's residents are safe from harm despite the raising of the nation's terror alert level.
But as Escambia County's emergency management director and homeland security liaison, terror threats stay on his radar.
The U.S. raised its terror alert level to orange - high - following the disruption of a plot authorities say called for the explosion of up to 10 U.S.-bound flights from the United Kingdom.
The county, of course, is not directly impacted by the latest threat, unless residents are flying elsewhere or traveling overseas, Adams said.
The federal government increased its security procedures at all major airports, banning liquids on flights, including beverages, contact solution, hair gel and all other liquids. Only baby formula and medications are allowed, and they must be cleared by security.
Adams said the changes will cause disruptions in everyday life. &#8220Things are not going to change,” he said. &#8220We need to watch for things out of the ordinary.”
Brewton residents said they are concerned about the latest threat.
Jim Hildreth voiced some of the same concerns.
Chrys Browder said she is concerned about what almost happened.
Robert Fruge said he's not sure how better the U.S. could protect itself.
Despite the concerns, small-town life is generally safe.
But EMA director Adams said he wonders if terrorists will catch on to that complacency someday.