Maturity comes at any age

Published 8:50 am Sunday, August 13, 2006

By Staff
I have seen maturity in children and a special teenager this week that has quite simply, amazed me.
On the opening day of school I was able to witness the maturity of children at W.S. Neal Elementary School. There were big boys and big girls giving their parents a nod as they walked away from their parents and into classrooms.
I bumped in to one mother in the hallway who had just left her first-grade daughter in the room she'll share with classmates for the school year. The daughter, I believe, was fine. However the mother's eyes watered up just a little as she chatted with me about the first day of school.
My own child was eager to speak to his second-grade teacher as I waited for my chance to speak to her. He had almost forgotten that I was there. The teacher told him to find his desk and put his things down and wait for further instructions. He only glanced my way as he headed for the row of desks and began looking for his name.
Kerry Bean, Standard publisher, was on hand for the first day of school at Brewton City Elementary School. She related a story to us on opening day about two young girls she had seen holding a conversation in the foyer of the school. It seems the young girls were little ladies and didn't seem to be bothered at all about being left at school by their parents.
As parents, especially on days like the first day of school, it's hard to imagine that our babies are growing up and maturing. That maturation sometimes leaves us feeling just a little less needed by our children than we'd like.
On Wednesday of this past week, I saw maturity in a teenager that astonished me and left me with a wonderful feeling. What a dream Katelyn Hulley must be for her family.
As I stood in the hot sun to take photos of the W.S. Neal cheerleaders, football players, coaches and band members, Katelyn took control of the situation and handled it in the most fair, polite and organized manner. Her attitude would put many adults to shame. Her only aim was to get the job done in as short a time (she was hot, too) as possible and to be fair and thorough in the process.
She certainly succeeded in meeting her goal even if she did meet a few obstacles.
Maturity comes in all shapes and sizes. Parents should be proud of their children who are able to handle their maturity with humility and kindness. After all, isn't that what we parents are trying to achieve in our children?
Lisa Tindell is a news writer for The Brewton Standard. She can be reached at 867-4876 or by email at

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