Real ID will effect many

Published 8:52 am Sunday, August 13, 2006

By Staff
Imagine five years into the future your driving to the Alabama/Auburn game, minding your own business, when you drive by a strange device you had never seen before on the side of the interstate. Unbeknownst too you the device scans your car, giving a large corporate/government database information on who and what you have in your car including what your wearing, where you purchased it, what food items you are snacking on, your credit history, you medical records, your criminal background, body temperature, TV viewing habits, accident history, current vehicle speed, and a list of the songs you purchased for your pod.
Now imagine that not only can this scanner pick this information up and more, but a global satellite floating 30 miles up in space is reading your info as well. "Oh that's preposterous you say, total science fiction…Isn't it?" Oh just read on.
Did you know that in 2008 the REAL ID act goes into full force? "What is the real ID act" you ask? Oh it's just an RFID chip in your drivers license that is track-able, and able to contain all of your personal information. You see uncle Sam knows that ninety percent of Americans are against a Federal ID card so they passed the REAL ID act which sneaks all it's features into something you can't refuse, your drivers license. The Fed's will then be able to access the info through the state, as they do now with phone/internet companies, thus getting around that annoying constitution. Don't worry though it is for your protection, so George and Hillary know your not a terrorist.
The drivers license chip however is just the tip of the iceberg. Dozens of large corporations are planning to put satellite traceable chips in every product you buy, including clothing. How do you think those futuristic roll through check outs are going to work? The computer will scan the buggy, you'll swipe your card, and leave. But the RFID chips will still be active so if someone say wanted to know the contents of your home/car all they would need is access to a scanner. This security breach is offset by the fact that if you run out of Razors Gillette can send you an e-mail reminding you to stock up.
Did you know that in 2009 the government is planning to have all livestock chipped, and shortly there after under threat of terrorism/bird flu/SARs/next fad disease good ole Fido will need a chip too.
Oh and there are plans for private foreign owned companies to build thousands of miles of toll highways all over the US that will require satellite transponders in your cars, don't believe me just google "NAFTA Super Highway RFID card" and read all about it. "Yeah so the terrorist won't get ya we gotta know where your going at all times. Oh yeah and eventually tax you for every mile." Your F150 might be with Hezbollah y'now.
Finally in 2009 the Census bureau will be going from door to door asking hundreds of new questions, searching your home, your property and setting up a GPS address for your home, thus making sure that your not lying about say that new room you converted from the garage last year, or the water capacity of your toilet. Gotta make sure you castle doesn't back Iran after all.
So after the government has chipped our drivers license, our cars, our food, our clothes, our toiletries, our home, our chickens, our pets, and our ipods what will be left? Oh yeah … us.
Joseph Madden is a Brewton resident.

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