County commissioners correct pay for pollworkers

Published 11:56 am Wednesday, September 13, 2006

By By Lisa Tindell – news writer
Poll worker compensation connected to Tuesday's special election was the main topic of discussion during the regular meeting of the Escambia County Commission held Monday.
During a regular statewide election poll workers are paid $50 with returning officers being paid $75. Under a special election workers are paid $100 and $125 respectively.
Stokes said there are 182 poll workers for the county. Under current provisions, the commission found it necessary to appoint those workers as temporary employees in order to be able to pay them the rate of compensation required under the guidelines.
Commissioners passed a resolution to make a presentation to the Legislature to include special elections and the rate of pay for poll workers so that policy could be made clear on compensation regulations under regular and special state-wide or special local elections.
In other business, the commission awarded the gasoline and diesel fuel contract for the county to Cooper Oil of Selma. The company, which was the lowest bidder, agreed to base the costs of the fuel on a &#8220day of delivery” basis.
Also during the meeting, the commissioners agreed to post a three-way stop at the intersection of Blacksher Road, Poarch Road and an unnamed road in the Atmore area.
Commissioner William Brown, who represents the district where the intersection is located, said that the stop sign was needed badly at that spot.
A speed limit posting was also considered for the area in question.
Bill Bridges, county engineer, agreed that it was time to take some action in this area.
After a unanimous vote, the area was targeted for a three-way stop and a speed limit posting.

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