Election year confusing

Published 12:59 pm Wednesday, September 20, 2006

By Staff
Watching television these days can be completely confusing.
Tuesday morning I heard Lucy Baxley tell me she planned to repeal the yearly tax assessments that Gov. Bob Riley instituted.
In the commercial that immediately followed, Riley said it was Baxley who was for that yearly assessment - and he plans to repeal it if he's re-elected.
Actually, the change was made by Riley's administration - but it's state law, and it's something that the state has been moving toward since the 1970s.
As we march toward the November elections, I suspect we'll hear even more confusing information about the candidates.
I'd like to set a few ground rules about how we will approach our election coverage.
Letters to the editor about candidates are welcome; however, we will not publish letters that contain information we believe is libelous. And letters must adhere to our normal letters policy. We do not publish anonymous letters, andwe reserve the right to edit letters. We will not publish any letters the week before the election, so that candidates or their supporters have time to answer any critical letters.
Candidates are welcome to submit an announcement of their candidacy, along with a photo, for publication.
We will be running stories as we get closer to the election about our statewide and local candidates. Escambia County won't see any local races, but we do have state House and Senate seats on the ballot.
Democratic incumbent Pat Lindsey and Republican John McMillan are set to face off in a Senate race, and incumbent state Rep. Skippy White will meet Republican challenger and Brewton native Alan Baker.
Keeping readers informed about the ballot is part of our responsibility as a newspaper.
We will do our best to get the information to you - but we can't be responsible for those confusing commercials.
Kerry Whipple Bean is publisher of The Brewton Standard. She can be reached at 251-867-4876 or by e-mail at kerry.bean@brewtonstandard.com.

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