Voter: Lindsey material misleading

Published 1:02 pm Wednesday, September 20, 2006

By Staff
I should not be, but I am, amazed at what politicians (I use that title advisedly, having looked it up in Webster's) will say and do in an effort to be elected to public office.
I just received in the mail a four-page advertisement on slick, expensive paper, from Sen. Pat Lindsey. I assume he mailed one to every registered voter in the district. The cost must have been considerable.
In spending that much money, you would think that Sen. Lindsey would like to tell us of his abilities, accomplishments and future plans for his district and the state. None of this is mentioned.
The entire advertisement is an attempt to lead voters to believe that Sen. Lindsey's opponent, John McMillan, does not reside in this district. Mr. Lindsey is an attorney. If his allegation were true, he could submit the matter to the proper authorities have Mr. McMillan disqualified.
Additionally, Lindsey makes two statements that must be disregarded unless he is prophet, seer or fortune teller. Perhaps he thinks he is all three.
The statements &#8220John McMillan has never and never will live in our district” and &#8220the truth is, John McMillan has no plans of ever being our neighbor.”
I am much more interested in a candidate's honesty, ethics and qualifications for office than I am in where he has resided for some of his adult life.
Lee M. Otts
Brewton resident

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