Fill your fridge with paper

Published 1:53 pm Wednesday, September 27, 2006

By Staff
Our refrigerator at my parents' house was once cluttered with newspaper clippings of honor rolls and other school achievements.
But even when I began working at a newspaper a decade ago, I didn't quite understand how important those little scraps of newsprint can be.
And then my mother began a little hobby. She started jogging for exercise, an activity that turned into her first 5K and has grown into several marathons and triathlons.
And then she started winning. Now trophies line the mantle in my parents' house, and their refrigerator is filled with race announcements and photos. My dad joins her for many of the races now, too, so the newspaper clippings are even longer.
Besides feeling like a little slug because my mother can beat me in a foot race, I'm extremely proud of my parents and their accomplishments.
As my mom began winning more races, I finally began to understand how important those little newspaper clippings are. They get copied and passed around among family members; some stories probably hang on multiple Whipple refrigerators.
The Brewton Standard would love to help our readers fill up their own refrigerator doors with news about their family members.
Inside today, for example, you'll find the honor rolls for two of our local schools, along with the announcement of a local girl who has begun modeling. Every week we publish wedding, engagement and birth announcements that will be clipped and shared and saved.
But we also have two new features that we hope you will take advantage of: