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Published 2:41 pm Wednesday, October 4, 2006

By Staff
Measure can help clean up county
County officials have had to ask permission from the state for nearly every measure - with some actions even requiring a constitutional amendment before the county can get something done.
But a measure on the November ballot will give Escambia County its first chance at limited home rule - and it's an issue that is important to all of us in the county.
Voters in unincorporated areas have the opportunity to decide whether the county commission should have power to pass nuisance laws.
Right now, the commission has no control over such issues as litter, loud noise and junkyards.
But a law passed earlier this year by the state Legislature gives counties the chance to enact nuisance laws, provided county residents approve them.
In fact, Escambia County commissioners were instrumental in getting the legislation passed. They raised questions about the issue after an incident involving a raucous party in a rural area of the county.
If the November measure passes, the county would have the chance to have more control over weeds, noise and pollution.
And that benefits the entire county, but especially rural residents, who like all of us want the chance to live among beautiful property and in peace and quiet. Making the county cleaner will also help us attract new businesses and new visitors.
We encourage all voters in unincorporated areas of the county to vote on the measure on Nov. 7.

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