We all need character lessons

Published 2:40 pm Wednesday, October 4, 2006

By Staff
We've all wondered it at some time or another: What has happened to our &#8220civilized” society?
Drivers who cut each other off, students who disrespect their teachers and employees who break the rules are just a few examples of the problems caused when simple traits of good character are ignored.
But a Brewton organization is trying to instill in students and businesspeople the value of good character.
The Community Character Project of Escambia County, which is funded in large part by the Neal and McMillan trusts, works with schools and businesses on basic character issues through activities and seminars.
The Community Character Project is involved in programs through 15 schools in Escambia County. One of the programs CCP works with is the Character First, which offers several trait comparisons to illustrate the differences in behaviors.
The following character qualities are just a sampling of those comparisons - and they are a good brush-up for all of us: