TRM beats No. 1 Thomasville

Published 2:54 pm Monday, October 9, 2006

By By Kerry Whipple Bean – publisher
Every week, the circle grows bigger.
A pre-kickoff prayer group that started as a ritual for parents and friends of T.R. Miller players has become a new tradition for one of the state's most successsful football programs.
The prayer circle has added new fans every week, said the Rev. John Mathieu, pastor of First Presbyterian in Brewton who leads the prayer each week while everyone in the circle joins hands just off the field.
After giving thanks to God, Mathieu asked for His protection for all of the players on the field - regardless of uniform.
The prayer matters, win or lose, because it shows the community's reliance on God, Mathieu said later.
Mathieu's prayers are short and sweet, allowing enough time for the prayer circle to form a spirit line that welcomes the players onto the field.
Fans have come to rely on the tradition - and on Mathieu's words.
Mathieu laughed off the notion that he has any closer connection to God, but said he is honored to deliver each week's quick message.
He grinned. &#8220And sometimes we also pray to win.”

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