Lupus group meets at DWM

Published 3:20 pm Wednesday, October 11, 2006

By Staff
from staff reports
Each month the Brewton Lupus Support group meets on the second Wednesday of every month at D.W. McMillan Hospital in the Educational Center (located at the back of the hospital) at 11 a.m.
These support groups are sponsored and conducted by Lupus Support Network. The network provides education, support and assistance to those affected by lupus and other autoimmune diseases. There is no charge for the meetings, and everyone is welcome.
The group discusses different aspects of the disease with speakers on  various subjects at different times during the year. There will be time during each meeting for participants to discuss their personal issues in living with lupus.
Printed materials are available at the meetings. Currently, Lupus Support Network has more than 50 brochures on the various aspects of the disease. All are offered free of charge.
The support group meetings are not only for those with Lupus but also anyone who wants to learn more about lupus; and those who have a family member or friend affected by lupus.
For more information please call Lupus Support Network at 800-458-8211.
Anyone interested is encouraged to get lunch from the cafeteria at 11 a.m. and bring it to the meeting.