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Published 3:33 pm Wednesday, October 11, 2006

By Staff
Voters should eliminate costly system
Looking to save some taxpayer money? You can help save Escambia County $135,000 next month simply by voting &#8220yes.”
A local amendment on the ballot would eliminate the supernumerary system for certain county officials. That's a long word that basically means certain county officials are guaranteed a portion of their salary even after they step down, sort of as a retirement benefit. The original purpose was that those officials were supposed to be able to be called back to office if need be - but they never are.
The way it stands now, the system has the potential to cost the county more and more money every year - that's more and more money that could be going to fix roads or bridges or add services for all county residents.
Nothing against those officials who currently receive the supernumerary benefit, but there is no need for it. County officials and employees can join the state's retirement system to receive benefits.
If the local amendment passes, all new county officials would be allowed to opt into that retirement program rather than using the supernumerary system. Those using the old system would be grandfathered in.
Basically, no one really loses - and the county and its taxpayers save $135,000 per year.
We hope everyone votes yes to proposed local Amendment 1. It doesn't just save the county money - it saves you money.

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