Not playing games

Published 3:52 pm Monday, October 16, 2006

By By Lisa Tindell – news writer
Video games have progressed considerably since the days of pong. From the old days of Atari to the Xbox of today, graphics and story lines as well as music and themes have gone beyond what video gamers of the 70's ever imagined.
Children of all ages, as well as some adults, can be found sitting in front of a glowing television for hours each week in an attempt to save the queen or defeat the dragon. A long-distance car trip is made easier as well with the handheld versions of the platform game systems.
With systems currently on the market, choices for video game play are seemingly endless.
In the world of GameBoy there are several gaming options available from the Game Cube home video system to hand held versions of the system under the names of GameBoy Advance, GameBoy DS and possibly others.
Handheld versions seem to be the most popular among teens and pre-teens. With the Christmas holiday season a few short months away, wish lists are already showing up with choices for that special holiday gift.
With so many versions of gaming devices readily available in today's market, the list of game titles are too numerous to mention. Game themes range from the tame titles of Mario and Tetris to more graphic titles such as Bad Dudes and Mortal Kombat.
If sporting events are on the mind of game players there are titles available that include everything from soccer and football to car racing and wrestling.
Games have ratings similar to those of theatrical movie releases. There are rates of E for everyone, T for teens, M for mature and others.
Other parents seem to have similar concerns and opinions when it comes to ratings on the games their children play.
Playing video games is a leisure activity enjoyed by many children as well as adults. Children have as busy a schedule as do most adults. With school, sports activities and karate lessons, finding time to enjoy a half-hour of video games is sometimes difficult to manage.
Whether playing on the road or at home, video games continue to be a growing industry for young and old alike.