Voters urged to make a change

Published 4:00 pm Monday, October 16, 2006

By Staff
Good government should be everyone's concern. How we are governed is reflected everyday in how we, as individuals and businesses, function financially, legally and even socially.
We have not always had the transparent moral and competent government we deserve as a state. Under the leadership of governor Riley there is a real hope. Alabama is sailing toward a brighter future by confronting past corruption and incompetence. We have an opportunity to take this state to greatness but it depends on us, as always, to make good and informed decisions at the polls.
It would be difficult to deny that the Alabama State Legislature has been in need of weeding out for a long time. One glaring example is their refusal to allow the voters of this state to express an opinion on whether or not our 100 year old constitution is in need of reformation. Do they think Alabama citizens are not smart enough to weigh the evidence and make a good decision? Or do they think it would take away some of their power?
Before we reelect the same politicians we have sent to Montgomery time and time again, with the same results, we must take time to learn who they are and what they have really accomplished for us.
Change is always a breath of fresh air. Let's use our votes wisely this November and breathe new life into the Legislature. We must not fail ourselves and our future by slapping the good ol' boys on the back one more time.
Don Grosso
Brewton resident

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