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Published 4:50 pm Monday, October 23, 2006

By Staff
Red Ribbon Week needs support
This week has been proclaimed as Red Ribbon Week across the nation. It is declared as a time to bring awarness to drug use and how it effects communities.
The week-long focus on activities, information and education on drug use has been a part of our society for several years.
Although we are certainly still at war against drugs, the battle is making progress. On today's front page, three area men were arrested and charged with possession of drugs. That alone proves that we are fighting the good fight.
The fight should not be left up to law enforcement alone. With the rampant use of drugs in our community, as well as in others across the nation, individuals have made the decision to become soldiers in the war.
During the upcoming week, you will be able to see soldiers of all kinds. Those soldiers will be in the form of teachers, principals, concerned parents, community leaders, students, and of course, law enforcement officials.
We urge you to join the fight against drugs. This week will give you the perfect opportunity to learn more about the fight and how you can help win the battle. City and county schools have vowed to join the fight and educate students, faculty and parents in the proper way to indentify drugs and drug users. Students from kindergarten through twelfth grade will be exposed to new information.
Put on a red ribbon this week and attend a special program at one of the area schools. The students there just may teach you a thing or two.