Letter to the Editor: Baker doesn't understand word ‘no'

Published 5:21 pm Wednesday, October 25, 2006

By Staff
One can never be certain of what each new day may bring. This point was brought home to myself and my husband one day recently. On Thursday, Sept. 21, our son-in-law received a phone call from a representative of the YMCA day care (where our grandson attends pre-school) asking permission to use a picture of his and our daughter's son taken with Alan Baker at the day care center. Our son-in-law instantly said no. The representative was told that our family supports Skippy White, not Alan Baker.
However, the word no is obviously not understood by the Baker campaign, as at the next T.R. Miller Football game, our daughter was confronted by Mr. Baker and his wife, putting her in a very uncomfortable situation, since as a teacher, our daughter was working at the entrance gate. They again asked for permission to use the picture of our grandson with Mr. Baker. Again, they were told no, because we support Skippy White. This NO too was not understood. The following Saturday morning, our daughter left a message on the Baker's answering machine restating the previous two nos that were given.
Saturday afternoon, the same representative of the YMCA left a message on our daughter's answering machine asking again for permission, stating that the picture could not be used without parental agreement.
On three different occasions, the Baker campaign was told no. Still Alan Baker appeared in our daughter's classroom on Monday morning, where he was again told no. He told her that in fact the picture had already been used and probably would be distributed since his efforts to stop it would be useless. Why wasn't the first, the second, or the third NO honored?
The above circumstances put our family in a situation which we do not want to be. This, however, seems to be the sort of deceit and lack of concern for others that Alan Baker chooses to use in his efforts to take over the very successful leadership of F.P. Skippy White.
After being told no on four different occasions, Alan Baker violated the privacy of our grandson and used his photograph against the wishes of his parents. Is this the kind of person and leadership we need in Montgomery? No!
Family, friends, and colleagues, when you see our grandson , Jackson Dullard, pictured with Alan Baker, please realize that this picture was taken and used without the permission of his parents, Amy and Steven Dullard. Please also be aware that our entire family supports Skippy White in his efforts to continue his job of representing our district in the successful way he has always done.
Ben and Carolyn Jackson

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