Letters to the Editor:

Published 6:01 pm Wednesday, November 1, 2006

By Staff
Why are prices still higher here?
This letter is regarding gas prices in Brewton. Maybe I should say the unreasonably high gas prices in Brewton.
Recently with gas prices approaching $3 per gallon, I began taking note of prices in surrounding towns. I found our prices are usually about four cents a gallon higher, but recently with prices falling faster everywhere but Brewton, there is a much greater difference.
On Oct. 4, in Evergreen, unleaded regular was $2.12. On Oct. 5 Andalusia's price was $2.07 while Brewton remained around $2.20.
I've heard excuses like higher transport costs - where do the local stores get their gas, because north, south, east and west, prices are cheaper. I've heard we have more local taxes on gas. If true, our roads should be a lot smoother.
Buy Brewton first has been a slogan for years, but when it comes to gas the people of Brewton should think twice. I suggest when you're in another community with lower prices - fill up before coming home. When sales drop, prices will soon follow.
Mike Blackburn
Brewton resident
Do not park in spaces designated as handicapped
This is to the people that park in handicapped parking areas: The blue striped off area is NOT a parking area.
That is where people in van's can get in or out of their vehicles.
Bill Jernigan 
Citizens have privilege to vote next Tuesday
Many citizens of Alabama are disenchanted with government and politics. However, this is not a reason to sit out the election on Nov. 7. Some already predict that fewer than half of Alabamians will go to polls to decide our future leaders.
The voting process gives us an opportunity to change the direction of our state. This should give everyone a reason to exercise their right to vote.
On Nov. 7, there is a real opportunity to change the way the Alabama Legislature operates. By electing conservative candidates we can dramatically change the face of the Alabama State Legislature.
Our legislative leadership should be beholden to us, their constituents, and not beholden to powerful political bosses or special interests.
We have a chance to send energetic, conservative reformers to Montgomery who can begin to set us on a path of long-term prosperity.
Always remember that our elected officials work for us.
Your involvement in the political process is critical. Without your voice, failed policies continue and progressive policies may never be heard. No one should ever underestimate the importance of one vote.
There is much at stake on Nov. 7. I encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote - it is a precious freedom that we enjoy but of which few take advantage.
Wes Allen
Troy resident