Letters to the Editor:

Published 6:52 pm Wednesday, November 8, 2006

By Staff
Parents express appreciation
It is with our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all the support, visits, cards and hundreds of telephone calls from our community and this county expressing belief in our son's innocence.
We appreciate the excellent court testimony of innocence and personal concern from Dr. Robert DeFrancisco and Dr. Jimmy Adkisson in this matter. We also appreciate the one who gave our son a most extensive polygraph test and proclaimed he was telling the truth beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Special thanks is extended to the Rev. Brandon Byrd for his spiritual support and to all the churches for their prayers and for believing in our son's innocence.
We pray that our heavenly Father will bless each and everyone who believe and have expressed belief in our son's innocence.
We are confident that our son's innocence will be revealed to all.
Buster and Sharon Chavers
Crossover suggested for southbound lanes
When I drive over the new creek bridges at Flomaton and between Fannie and Pollard, I think of good things Mr. Skippy White has done for us in this area. As when I see the name of the overpass at Canoe, I think of good things Leon Brooks Hines did for us when he was in office.
I believe our people would also appreciate a sign on the bridges naming the Escambia Creeks, as this is an important name in South Alabama and Northwest florida. I used to think it probably was the name of an Indian chief until I read in the newspaper a few weeks ago that it means Clear Water, whch we are much blessed with.
Also, it would be a matter of great convenience and safety to construct a crossover in front of Williams Memorial Funeral Home to accommodate the south lane.
Thank you very much.
James Sundy

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