Our Opinion

Published 6:50 pm Wednesday, November 8, 2006

By Staff
Our state needs unity to succeed
A day after the elections - and now that we don't have to hear any more negative ads - it's time to put things in perspective and get back to the business of the state.
Regardless of who has won in local and statewide races, what is most important now is that we focus on Alabama's most pressing problems and opportunities, from education to economic development.
Our state is certainly on the verge of great things - economic development has improved, the jobless rate has declined and school test scores are up.
But we need everyone to pull together - regardless of political persuasion - to continue that wave of improvement.
We know that not everyone is going to get along all of the time - that's why we have political parties, after all.
But we need to be able to put behind us the acrimony of partisan battles to be able to move forward.

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