Cars wreck to avoid wagon

Published 7:09 pm Monday, November 13, 2006

By By LYDIA GRIMES – features writer
A mule and wagon were inadvertently involved in an accident in the streets of Brewton Monday morning.
Two vehicles were headed north on the four-lane highway traveling side-by-side when they came to the top of a hill and were very surprised to find the mule and wagon in the lefthand lane.
There is no law against a mule or horse and wagon being on the road.
Police Chief Monte McGougin said the mule and wagon were going about 4 miles an hour while the vehicle coming up behind it was going about 50.
That called for some quick action on the part of the driver of the vehicle, who pulled over toward the other lane to avoid hitting the wagon. The only problem was, there was already another vehicle in the lane. The result, of course, was a collision.
No one was seriously hurt, and evidently, the driver of the mule and wagon didn't realize anything had happened, McGougin said.
He continued into Brewton and later was stopped by Brewton police on Belleville Avenue.
When asked why he did not stop at the scene of the accident, the driver replied that he was unaware that he had contributed to the accident, McGougin said.
Apparently he and his mule and wagon were soon on their way, hopefully to safer and greener pastures.
McGougin explained that the driver of the wagon did nothing wrong. It is perfectly legal for them to drive on the highway, but it is pretty clear, the cars out there can be dangerous new-fangled machines.