TRM hoops proceed with business as usual

Published 7:21 pm Monday, November 13, 2006

Not all his pieces are in camp yet, but otherwise it has been business as usual for T.R. Miller Tigers basketball coach Rob Atkinson.
The T.R. Miller coach said the number of players he misses during the early days of practice due to football vary from season to season.
Atkinson said the adjustment time from football to basketball varies.
Atkinson said there could be a couple of schedule disruptions if the Tigers football team has a deep advancement in the playoffs.
T.R. Miller is slated to start the basketball season Dec. 1 at Northview, Fla, which is also the same night of the state football semifinals.
While it is scheduled for in the middle of the week, there is a chance the Dec. 5 home opener against UMS-Wright could also get pushed back. Atkinson does not foresee the Dec. 8 home contest against Northview to get backed up, which is scheduled one day after the Class 4A state championship game.
will get moved if football is in
the semifinals that night,” said Atkinson. &#8220I'm not sure what
will happen with UMS-Wright if both our football teams are still going. I'm prepared to play and I think they will be too, but UMS-Wright has several key players involved in football. I'm not
sure what they would want to do if their football is still playing at that time. I foresee us playing
the second Northview game even if football gets to the state
championship game the day before.”
The 12 varsity players Atkinson does have available have received a heavy dose of conditioning
during seventh hour athletics
this fall prior to the start of practice.

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