We should all honor veterans

Published 7:17 pm Monday, November 13, 2006

By Staff
This weekend, marks a time to honor all veterans, to thank them for their efforts in serving our country, to recognize that we owe our way of life to that service.
Not a single American life has not been touched by the service of a U.S. veteran. Almost every family has a grandfather, an uncle or a father who has fought in past conflicts; many families have friends, daughters, sons who serve now.
By serving in the U.S. military, veterans created our history and therefor the fabric of this country. The image of an American veteran that lives in all of our minds represents the heroism, strength, courage and sacrifice that made the United States into a proud nation, and protects our freedoms still.
On any given day, personal distractions make it easy to forget that the United States is at war, and even easier to forget wars past. But tomorrow is the day to remember not just wars, but the people who have given parts of their lives to fight them for us.
Now, as U.S. troops are in the midst of war in the Middle East, it is a time to recognize those soldiers who fight on our behalf, thank those who have been there and returned, and honor the many who gave of themselves in past times of peace and conflict.
The Andalusia Star-News