Police warn of scam

Published 8:24 pm Wednesday, November 22, 2006

By By Lydia Grimes – lifestyles reporter
Just as surely as the holidays come around, the crooks seem to come out in record numbers. Brewton has already begun to experience some of those who would take advantage of old and young alike.
According to Brewton Police Sgt. Eric Suarez, people from several places, mainly Canada, have come up with a way to bilk people out of their hard earned cash.
It appears that they are reading the want ads and offering to send a cashier's check to pay for an ad that is listed in classified pages.
The catch is they send a cashier's check in excess of the purchase price and ask the victim to deposit the check and send them the difference, Suarez said.
The result is the check they send is counterfeit and the one the victim sends back is not.

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