Letter to the editor:

Published 9:34 pm Wednesday, November 29, 2006

By Staff
Writer wants to set record straight
In reference to Mrs. Lydia Grimes' Nov. 12 article in the Sunday edition of The Brewton Standard, when reporting a story that is to be printed for the view of numerous people, all facts should be clear and accurate. But most of all the truth. On Monday, Nov. 6, the day the accident happened on hwy. 31 North was not due to the mule and wagon. It was caused by negligence of a driver talking on a cellular phone.
To set the story straight, being that I was the driver of the mules pulling the wagon, I was in the right-hand lane, not the left-hand lane as printed by Mrs. Grimes.
I, along with two other passengers, were very much aware of the accident that merely could have killed us, the mules or God know who many others could've been killed or seriously hurt. Within minutes of the wreck, police and fire trucks passed us on the four-lanes with their sirens blowing at full throttle. Mrs. Grimes state that we didn't realize anything had happened which is not true since we had just seen it all come about.
The lady driver came within eight to ten feet from hitting the back end of the wagon. My passenger sitting in the back of the wagon had a very close-up view of her talking on her phone while driving at a high speed, which in turn caused the collision.
As for not stopping at the scene since we witnessed it would have only caused more serious problems. For the safety of myself, my passengers, my team of mules and others, I chose to keep going. We could have been easily ran over by other vehicles also trying to avoid the wreck that day. Stopping was not an option.
I continued on into Brewton only to be stopped by a utility worker telling us to slow down, that someone was trying to catch up with us. When the police officer came I explained what happened as to how it happened and why I chose not to stop.
He also asked me was I aware that I needed reflectors on my wagon. Then I point at the back end of the wagon to where two huge red diamond reflectors were, along with a yellow caution light affixed to the wagon top. I explained that the reflectors are passable by law and that mule and wagon have right-of-way over vehicle drivers on any state or county highway without a minimum speed limit. The officer then added that I was good to go and for us to have a good day, in which we did. We also sent our regards and prayers to the driver and her children involved in the accident.
A lot of people don't realize that horseback riders, wagon riders are at risk every time they mount their ride. Horse and mule lovers come in at all ages - young and old. There's danger when drivers of vehicles that aren't courteous and acknowledge the harm they can cause when speeding by us in a hurry to get to their destinations. Trail rides and horseback riding is as much of a sport to some as football is to others. All we ask is that you please be careful whenever approaching horseback riders or wagons so no one gets hurt. And please everyone put safety first and pull off the highway to talk on your cell phones to prevent any accidents that could occur whether it be serious or minor. You'll never know when you'll see a wagon and team of mules.
We didn't cause the accident that day, but we wanted the truth to be told by us being that we had witnessed it and was grateful to tell about it. Unlike just hearing about the story, then write about it like Mrs. Lydia Grimes did.
It's not the cars out there that can be dangerous new-fangled machines. It's the drivers of those cars on their cellular phones not paying attention to what's going on before it's too late, causing a collision.
So please drivers, pay a lot of attention as you drive and make God your pilot, not your co-pilot. Whoa. Slow down.
Thank you Podna.
Lee Merritt
Brewton resident
Band worker expresses thanks
Well, we made it through a Friday night without football here in Brewton and East Brewton. So that gave me time to think about how fortunate I am to be around such a great group of people working for the T.R. Miller band.
The concession stands support the band program, and we thank all the fans who supported them this season.
But I also thank the volunteers who worked this year. Each week I was joined by both parents of current students and also people who have had children in the band that graduated in years past. Thanks to each one of you who faithfully came each week and gave it 100 percent. To the local vendors who kept us stocked and going, Laurence Patton at Pizza Pro, Lisa at Burger King, Margaret at Pick &Sav, Mr. Douglas from Earthgrains, South Alabama Vending with Mike Green from Coke out of Pensacola, Kelley Foods out of Elba. Oh, and Patti Neal for making the Sam's run.
It is said that a student that has the opportunity to have music in their school life does better with their studies and test scores. I say that if you will take the opportunity to support those same kids by giving your time and they see you know the importance of what they are doing, don't we all win?
Special thanks to Cherlyn McNamara and her family who took the challenge of running the north end for the program.
Again, I appreciate everyone who made this marching season so successful, and look forward to seeing you back next year.
Bobi Rush
T.R. Miller Band Concession
Parents: Teach kids reason for season
Thanksgiving is a time for us to reflect and give thanks to our Almighty God for all the blessings that he has bestowed to us. This is a time for families to come together as a unit in love, harmony and peace.
Let us not get so hung up on Christmas (commercially). Remind our children the religious importance of Christmas. Why Christmas? Jesus was born. God wanted us to be in His family, to be saved for eternity.
Parents, you have an obligation to teach Christianity at home. Take your children to Sunday school and church.
May God continue to give us favor. Christianity is the answer. Love your neighbor. It's impossible to say you love God and not love your neighbor. Action speaks louder than words.
Parents, you are accountable.
Sending my love and blessings to all.
I bless this town and country. Prayer changes things.
Berlis Crenshaw
Brewton resident