Kerry Whipple Bean | The Brewton Standard

Published 1:00 am Wednesday, December 27, 2006

By Staff
Members of the 1946 T.R. Miller and W.S. Neal teams met at the Brewton Country Club for a reunion prior to the annual cross-town rivalary between the two teams. The teams played the first &#8220Battle of Murder Creek.” The above photo shows the welcome sign on display for the 60th reunion of players from each team. The T.R. Miller and W.S. Neal teams that met on the football field 60 years ago were friends; they already knew each other from friendly rivalries on the basketball court and the baseball diamond. Sixty years and a lifetime later, they met again for a reunion filled with memories and laughter - and the score of the game didn't matter anymore aside from some good-natured ribbing. The annual rivalary was held on the field at T.R. Miller High School for the 2006 season. The final score of the game found W.S. Neal as the winner with a score of 35 to 14.