Neal seniors season play reviewed

Published 1:03 am Wednesday, December 27, 2006

By Staff
They were at the top or near the top of most W.S. Neal offensive and defensive statistical categories. The Blue Eagles' 13-member senior class this fall was also the backbone of a 9-3 record, the club's first playoff berth since 2003 and their first postseason win since that same year.
Hathcock had a few words for each of his seniors.
Jonathan Alexander: &#8220It seemed like Jonathan always came up with a big play in the game on either offense or defense and often both,” said Hathcock.
Marquis Barksdale: &#8220Marquis made 22 straight starts at quarterback in the two seasons I've been here. I often shook my head in amazement at some of the great plays he made,” said Hathcock.
Nykeem Barton: &#8220Nykeem joined us this season. He was slowed by a hand injury early in the season, but came back and rushed for more than 1,000 yards,” said Hathcock.
Jeremy Brazile: &#8220The thing I'll remember most about Jeremy is his happy-go-lucky attitude,” Hathcock said. &#8220It didn't seem to matter what the situation was. Jeremy always had a smile on his face.”
Jared Cooper: &#8220There isn't much more to say about Jared that hasn't been said already. His accomplishments and honors speak for him,” Hathcock said.
Bobby Freeman: &#8220Bobby overcame a lot of injuries and especially a bad shoulder in order to play,” said Hathcock.
James Freeman: &#8220James was a totally different player from his junior to senior season,” said Hathcock. &#8220James reshaped his body through a lot of hard work in the weight room.”
Justin Howard: &#8220I don't think we had a harder worker than Justin especially this past summer. The summer is when he made himself a much better player,” said Hathcock.
Aaron Lambert: &#8220Aaron didn't play last year as a junior. He started all 12 games this season and was very dependable at right tackle,” said Hathcock.
Ryan Meier: &#8220Ryan is the kind of player coaches love. He does everything you ask and gets the most of his ability,” Hathcock said. &#8220He worked hard to get some playing time. He wasn't flashy, but Ryan made some big catches for us.”
Brandon Samuel: &#8220This was Brandon's first year of football with us. He got some starts early in the year an contributed some on special teams,” said Hathcock.
Justin Smith: &#8220Justin didn't play with us last season, but he came back with a great year for us,” said Hathcock. &#8220Justin is a great competitor who hates to lose.”
Shaunathan Williams: &#8220Shaunthan was a very vocal player. He always made sure practice kept moving along in the right direction,” Hathcock said.

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